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irr. app. (ext.)/Mykel Boyd, "Dented Switchery"/"Compare Me to a Shadow"
Written by John Kealy
Sunday, 25 January 2009

Usually any 7" singles I buy get a couple of spins and are then consigned to a box, only occasionally dusted off for curiosity's sake.However, this split single from Matt Waldron and Somnimage boss Mykel Boyd is something special. All week I have been putting this on and getting lost in the unfortunately brief pieces.


Waldron’s contribution has been “extracted and distilled” from his classic Pereklucheniealbum. This collage style of music can be difficult to do effectivelywithin the constraints of a 7” (especially when there is only one sideavailable to the artists) but “Dented Switchery (Wretched Density Mix)”works well in this format. The paranoid sounding stringed instrumentmorphing into a rasping drone, like a rusty gate that needs oiling,“Dented Switchery” is one of Walrdon’s more unnerving pieces.

Boyd’s“Compare Me to a Shadow” is definitely the star of this pair of tracks.At first, I thought my record player was broken (well, more broken thanit already is) but the scratchy rhythm blossomed into a dusty beauty.The piece begins quietly, static-like pulses and what sounds like arecording of distant traffic. Towards the end, strange glissandosstream through the piece like shuttles from another dimension.

Thereis also an art edition limited to 100 copies available which featuressigned and numbered prints from Waldron and Boyd. Waldron has includeda drawing of one of his mysterious and unsettling chimeric beastswhereas Boyd contributes a stark and baffling image of an egg in acage. I feel these prints are worth the extra money but, in thesecash-strapped times, I do not feel that they substantially add to thelistening experience. That being said, the listening experience iswonderful and the 7” is more than enough value for money on its own.

from Vital Weekly #660

two split 7inch releases, and both have one side played by Mykel Boyd, the labelowner. Irr.App.(ext.), one of the lover boys of drone music and a member of Nurse With Wound these days, is represented on one side, and one could wonder if the format of a 7″ suits his music, but his small piece of guitars, drones and some field recordings is quite nice. One of those things which go by too quickly to easy. Quick changes in the mix reveal there was more in this. Perhaps something similar could be said of Boyd’s piece, although his piece is more about what it is. There is nothing more than this. His entire piece seems to be made out of field recordings, wind sounds mostly, processed to form that endless drone, with insects in the pond. Less changing and exactly fitting the length of a 7″.

Behind Painting Petals on Planet Ghost are The Opalio Brothers from My Cat is an Alien along with Ramona Ponzini, who are all members of My Cat Is An Alien. Here we enter a more ‘pop’ based land, with Japanese bells, wind chimes, acoustic guitar, voices and field recordings. Chimes in the wind, guitar intro, heavenly Japanese like vocals. Gentle atmospheric music without the darker edges that comes usually for free with this territory. And I guess which is on Boyd’s side. Recording sounds at the All Saints Cemetery, in the snow, in 2006 and ‘manipulated and shaped’ in 2007. A darker piece than is on the other 7″, this flies low over the surface. For all I know this could have been the lowest note on the organ transposed a few more octaves down the spine. A shivering piece that fits this particular cold, but snow free, day. Here too, but then on both sides, the 7″ format works wonderfully well. Both on white vinyl and both limited to 200 copies. (FdW)