a message to you, wherever you are by Mykel Boyd

A mail art project for 2015.

What I need from you:
Send me a postcard, size 4”x6”
Something you created, a photo, drawing, collage or handwritten message.
Please make sure it contains your name and return address.

What you get in return:
I will mail you an original 4”x6” work of art and information on where to find the audio portion of this project.
The audio portion will consist of a 3 minute soundtrack to your art. I will create an original composition based on your art.
I plan on making the audio available as a “pay what you like” download, once I have compiled enough tracks for a full length release.
I may also curate an art show with your art and my sounds.

Legal mumbo jumbo: By sending me your art, you are giving me permission to show your art on my website, facebook group etc. You are also giving me permission to use it for any print material in the future. You will of course be credited.

Please send postcards to: Mykel Boyd p.o. box 24 Bradley,IL 60915 USA